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Photo Gallery

Many of the pictures on these pages have been colorized by me to make the detail stand out, and make them look more lifelike. They have originated from my family, and the Ilion Library. My thanks to all who have helped. Click any photo to enlarge it.

This first photo sets the tone for the website- Ilion as it was in its 150+ year history.

Bobsledding down Second Street hill

Looking down West Hill

Second Street, looking east near Library

Looking east, from above First Street foot bridge. 1800s

Weber Pond, 1865

First Street looking west.

Baptist Church, Second and Otsego, before lamp posts.

From West Hill Park, looking east.

Capitol Theater

Early Capitol Theater

Capitol in its last days.

Ave Maria Church. Ilion's original Catholic Church on East Main Street

Ilion's finest, 1919

Remington plant, 1854

Foot bridge over Steele Creek, at the west end of First St.

Early First Street, looking southwest

Fox's Falls, just off Spinnerville Gulf Road.

Nightlife on early First Street

Ilion Hospital, Sixth Ave

Hotel Osgood

Ilion from Oak Hill, 1890

1800s Ilion, looking from a hill above East Main Street.

Spped limit sign outside Ilion.

Early photo of Spinnerville Gulf

Bridge Square

Lift Bridge over Erie Canal

Looking over Ilion toward the northeast

Main Street looking east

Main Street looking northeast