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Photo Gallery

More twentieth century pictures on this page.

First and Otsego Streets

First Street footbridge over Steele's Creek

First Street looking west

Second Street looking east

Second Street, looking east down the hill

Second Street looking west

Second Street and Second Ave.

Second Street hill looking west

John Street looking northwest

Village dump and waste treatment plant

First and Otsego Streets 1962

Main Street looking east 1962

Ilion Fire Department, 1960s

Aerial view of North Ilion bridge construction

Aeroball factory after fire, West Main and Weisbecker Hill

Rear of Aeroball plant

Applegate Funeral Home

Marching band, Central Ave and Main Street

From Armory Hill

Barge from North Ilion Bridge

Replacing the North Ilion Bridge

Benedict Ave looking west

Best Garage

Best Garage

1952 bike parade

North Ilion bridge from the east

North Ilion Bridge and boathouse

Grants on Main St

Aerial depiction of Ilion in early 1900s

North Ilion bridge looking north

1952 Centeniel parade