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Photo Gallery

Main Street looking west

Methodist Church before lightpoles. West and Second Street

Otsego and Morgan Streets

Otsego Street

Otsego Street looking north

Otsego Street looking north

Ilion Power Station

Remington Arms from the east

Typewriter plant

Second Street, looking east

Episcopal Church, Second Street looking north.

Steeles Creek at Second Street Bridge, looking north

Steele's Creek Near Frederick Street, looking north

Looking west from Armory Hill

Typewriter plant

Union Street looking south

Looking west from Benedict Ave

West Hill Park

West Main Street Aquaduct over Steele's Creek

Looking west on Second Street

Aerial view looking northwest

West Hill Park

Remington Wrecking sale

West Street looking north

West Hill Fire Station, 1900s

West Hill Fire Station today

Russell house

Russell house today

Presbyterian Church, Second and Morgan Streets.

Monument Square

Oddfellows Temple, First and Morgan Streets