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Photo Gallery



1952 Centeniel parade

Central Ave looking south 1962

Central and Main, looking east.

Central Ave looking north

Central Ave looking north

Central and Main, looking east.

Local car dealers, 1953

Catholic Convent, West Street

DeJohn's Airport, North Ilion

Devere's Bakery

First and West Streets, eventually Dr Davidson's office.

East Main Street, looking west

Elks Club

Elks Club, different time

Fire Station

West and Otsego Streets

Main Street and Hoefler Ave, from Arms Building

Freeman's Apparrel, First and Otsego St

Grader, Second Street

Main and Central looking west

Flat Iron Building, Otsego and West Streets

Inside Panarites Restaurant

Best Hardware fire

Ilion Hotel

Ilion Hotel fire

Hoefler Ave and Main Street, Quitting time.

Quitting time on Main Street

Another quitting time image

Ilion Home Service, our original convenience store.

Ilion Hospital, Sixth Ave

Ilion Post Office