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Photo Gallery

Inside Getman's Groceries, early 1900s

John Street looking north

Looking up West Hill

Main Street looking west

Municipal Building, 50s

Main Street looking west

Otsego Street

Town Clock Otsego Street

Bank Corner

Union Street

Union Street looking South

Capitol Theater, long ago

Submarine on Main Street

Main Street long ago

West Shore Railroad Freight Station

Wilcox Block, Main Street

Main & Otsego Streets

West Street looking south

Osgood Hotel

John & Otsego Streets

Merry's Hardware

Otsego & Main, looking south

First Street, seen from West Hill, long ago

Cemetary & High School

Another view of Fox's Falls

1st Street, all the way to the steps

1st and Otsego Sts

1st and Union streets, just before Urban Renewal

Home Service

1st and Otsego Sts

Bank Corner